Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation

"Peace Through Silent Oppression"

The Imperial Coat of Arms of Natopia

Welcome to the website of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation, a micronation that has existed since August 23, 2002. We are a "serious micronation that doesn't take itself too seriously."  We always welcome visitors to our forums, located in the menu bar above.  All of our cultural, political and diplomatic development takes place in our own forum where we focus on building a society that is totally unique and, most of all, fun! 

Almost anyone can find something in Natopia: religions, war/strategy roleplay, political and government simulation, language/culture construction, sci-fi/fantasy roleplay.  If it doesn't exist in Natopia, there is room for you to make it happen!  Natopia has real, living, breathing citizens that interact and work together to develop it, so your work has a direct impact on another person and the opportunity to collaborate is limitless.

Natopia is what some call a simulationist micronation. Other labels such as interactive geofiction, interactive nation-building, political roleplaying, and conworlding can describe Natopia as well. We are open to all people from all interests and sectors of the wider hobby and welcome you to visit, or perhaps join us.  We consider ourselves a member of the "Micras Sector" of micronationalism.  The main discussion forum for our sector is located at

In order to enrich our own cultural and political interactions, we participate in the Micronational Cartography Society and have land on the planet Micras (our land is mostly in the southern hemisphere and colored gray). Over the many years of our existence we have expanded from a single island to a global empire.  The more active people that join us, the more land we can develop; perhaps you will find yourself the lucky ruler of newly claimed land upon your continued participation in Natopia!